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    California Preliminary Notice (Private Works)


    This California Preliminary Notice (Private Works) must be given by a contractor before furnishing labor or materials to a construction site.

    • The Notice conforms to the requirements of California Civil Code § 8034(a), 8102, and 8200. UPDATED TO REFLECT 2012 AMENDMENTS.
    • The Notice must be served on the property owner, the direct contractor, and the construction lender (if any).
    • The form contains the required Notice to Property Owner
    • The template also includes a Proof of Service Affidavit.
    • This is a reusable lien form. Buy it, download and save it, then fill it in and print it each time you need to send a Notice.

    Protect your lien rights with the California Preliminary Notice (Private Works). Download it today.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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