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    Authorized Software Reseller Agreement | Canada


    Software publishers in Canada can create contracts for their distributors with this Non-Exclusive Authorized Software Reseller Agreement template.

    • The reseller agrees to obtain the software products directly from the publisher.
    • The reseller is responsible for complying with applicable foreign laws.
    • The publisher provides a limited warranty and has limited liability.
    • The publisher indemnifies the reseller against infringement claims by third parties.
    • The reseller has no sub-licensing rights and end users must sign a standard form license agreement provided by the publisher.
    • The reseller is obligated to take upgrade training to maintain its status as a distributor.
    • The relationship between the parties is that of independent contractors.
    • This is a Canadian legal document that can be used in most provinces and territories except Quebec, where a French language version may be required.
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    Last Updated: 10-April-2022
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