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    Canada Shareholder Agreement Checklist


    Discover the legal and practical issues you need to consider when entering into a shareholder agreement with this Shareholder Agreement Checklist for Canadian companies.

    Topics in the Checklist include:
    • how to avoid misunderstandings between shareholders;
    • distribution of profits;
    • decision-making;
    • exit strategies;
    • employee shareholders;
    • default by a shareholder;
    • disability or death;
    • loss of shareholder control.
    This Canada Shareholder Agreement Checklist is available as a MS Word download.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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    Canada Unanimous Shareholder Agreement Checklist


    Review the issues that need to be considered and addressed during the preparation of a shareholder agreement for a Canadian corporation with this Unanimous Shareholder Agreement Checklist for Canada.

    Topics include:
    • composition of the board of directors,
    • removal of a director or officer,
    • conflict of interest,
    • reservation of directors' powers to shareholders,
    • shareholder meetings,
    • conduct of business,
    • restrictions on share transfers,
    • buy-sell on the death of a shareholder,
    • miscellaneous matters.
    This Canada Unanimous Shareholder Agreement Checklist is available in MS Word format, and is easy to download, edit and print.

    Canada Declaration of Mailing Notices for Shareholder Meeting


    Use this downloadable template to prepare a Declaration of Mailing regarding the sending of notices for an upcoming annual meeting of shareholders of a Canadian corporation.

    The Declaration contains the following information:
    • the date, time and place on which the shareholder meeting will be held, and
    • the date on which the notices were mailed, in accordance with the applicable legislation under which the corporation was incorporated.
    This Canada Declaration of Mailing form is in MS Word format and is fully editable. It can be used for a federal corporation and in any province which has a Business Corporations Act.

    Canada Shareholder Meeting Proxy Form


    Prepare an Appointment of Proxy form for a meeting of the shareholders of a Canadian corporation with this easy-to-use template.

    • The proxy form should be filled out and returned to the corporate secretary by any shareholder who is unable to personally attend the meeting.
    • The person named in the proxy can act on behalf of the shareholder and vote the shares in the manner indicated in the proxy form.
    • This form can be used for annual general meetings and special meetings of the shareholders.
    The Canada Proxy Form for Shareholder Meeting is available in MS Word format.