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    Charles II of Spain Last Will and Testament


    Download a free copy of the Last Will and Testament of Charles II of Spain (1661-1700).

    • Charles II was the last Habsburg King of Spain and the ruler of large parts of Italy, the Spanish territories in the Southern Low Countries, and Spain's overseas Empire, stretching from Mexico to the Philippines.
    • Charles was noteworthy for his extensive physical, intellectual, and emotional problems - which contributed to his ineffectual rule - as well as his role in the developments preceding the War of the Spanish Succession.
    • Historians Will and Ariel Durant wrote that Charles II was "short, lame, epileptic, senile, and completely bald before thirty-five, he was always on the verge of death, but repeatedly baffled Christendom by continuing to live."
    • Towards the end of his life Charles became increasingly strange, at one point demanding that the bodies of his family be exhumed so he could look upon their corpses.

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