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    Employee Confidentiality and Proprietary Rights Agreement


    Are you concerned that employees may steal your proprietary business data and intellectual property? Protect your legal rights by having them sign this Confidentiality and Proprietary Rights Agreement.

    • This type of agreement is often used by companies involved in research and development.
    • The employee agrees to keep all of the employer's sensitive proprietary information strictly confidential.
    • Any inventions, discoveries, improvements or products developed by the employee during the term of employment shall be the sole property of the employer, and the employee assigns all rights and interest to the employer.
    • The employee agrees to indemnify the employer against all claims or damages arising out of a breach or misrepresentation by the employee.
    • If the employee breaches the Agreement, the employer's remedies against the employee shall include injunctive relief.
    • The employee covenants not to compete with the business of the employer, and not to hire or solicit any of the employer's staff either during the course of employment and for an agreed period of time afterwards.

    Statistics show that roughly half of all employees have stolen or have contemplated stealing business information from an employer. That's why your business needs this Employee Confidentiality Agreement and Proprietary Rights Assignment. Buy your copy today.

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    Last Updated: 20-May-2021
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