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    Employment Confirmation Letter


    This template employment confirmation letter acknowledges in writing that a new employee has accepted the position offered, on the terms and conditions set out in the letter, including:

    • salary, commissions (if applicable) and any other compensation to be paid to the employee,
    • duties and responsibilities of the employee,
    • bonuses,
    • benefits,
    • vacation time,
    • expense account,
    • termination procedure,
    • employee confidentiality provisions.

    This Employment Confirmation Letter & Terms of Employment template is available in MS Word format and is totally editable to meet your business needs. This is a generic form which does not contain references to any specific labour laws or regulations.

    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 29-September-2017
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    Alberta Share Subscription under Offering - Seed Capital Exemption


    This Share Subscription form is to be used for exempted purchasers under the seed capital exemption of the Alberta Securities Act.

    • The subscription is for securities issued under an offering memorandum to residents of Alberta.
    • The subscriber acknowledges that he/she is purchasing securities under an exemption based on the fact that he/she is a sophisticated purchaser, as defined in the Act, and does not require the information that would otherwise be required under the law.
    • The subscriber represents that he/she has the investment acumen to assess the offering on the basis of previous experience or advice he/she received.

    The Share Subscription for Seed Capital Exemption can be used as many times as you require. Download it immediately after purchase.

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