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    Epicurus Last Will and Testament


    This is a copy of the Will of Epicurus (341 BC-270 BC).

    • Epicurus founded one of the major philosophies of ancient Greece, helping to lay the intellectual foundations for modern science and for secular individualism.
    • Many aspects of his thought are still highly relevant some twenty-three centuries after they were first taught in his school in Athens, called 'the Garden.'
    • Epicurus's philosophy combines a physics based on an atomistic materialism with a rational hedonistic ethic that emphasizes moderation of desires and cultivation of friendships.
    • His world-view is an optimistic one that stresses that philosophy can liberate one from fears of death and the supernatural, and can teach us how to find happiness in almost any situation.
    • His practical insights into human psychology, as well as his science-friendly world-view, gives Epicureanism great contemporary signficance as well as a venerable role in the intellectual development of Western Civilization.

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