Hotel Management Forms

Downloadable easy customizable contracts and forms for managing and operating a hotel, motel, resort or bed & breakfast.

Global economies and events have taken their toll on the tourism industry and, by extension, on the hospitality industry as well. Growth and profitability for hotel chains has been significantly impacted, with supply outstripping demand in many markets as more people have avoided long distance travel due to rising costs and fears of terrorist attacks.

Social media and sites like have also had an enormous influence on public opinion about a particular hotel. When travelers can read online reviews about an establishment's location, amenities, customer service, cleanliness, and ambience, they form an opinion based on other travelers' experiences, and not on the hotel's marketing efforts. A couple of bad reviews is all it takes to damage your reputation with the paying public. Managers can adopt customer rewards and reputation management programs to mitigate the damage and keep ahead of the curve.

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Bed & Breakfast Business Plan

Looking for funding to open a Bed & Breakfast? Give lenders and investors the information they need with this customizable Bed & Breakfast Business Plan.

The Business Plan template can be used by either a new business or for the purchase of an existing B&B. The purpose of the Plan is to obtain a business loan. The template includes:

  • a market analysis and marketing strategy,
  • a financial model,
  • a Confidentiality Agreement to prot.....

Bed & Breakfast House Guest Rules

Make sure all of your B&B guests have a pleasant stay. Download this free set of Bed & Breakfast House Rules for guests to follow. The list includes:

  • keeping noise levels down,
  • tidying up common areas after use,
  • restrictions on keeping food in guest rooms,
  • restrictions on visitors after hours.

The Bed & Breakfast House Rules template is a free MS Word download, for your convenience.


Bed & Breakfast Marketing Plan

Create a professional marketing strategy and action plan for your bed & breakfast with this fully editable Marketing Plan template.

The Marketing Plan can be used by either a start-up venture or by an existing B&B planning to expand its operations. The template includes:

  • financial and budget projections with respect to marketing and promotions,
  • a situational analysis,
  • a marketing strategy,
  • a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunit.....

Breakfast Menu and Night Prep Sheet for B&B

Download this free sample Breakfast Menu and Night Preparation Sheet for your bed & breakfast.

  • Draw up a menu for the next day's menu with the Breakfast Menu portion of the form.
  • The Night Preparation Sheet contains a checklist of preparations and things to do the night before.
  • The sample is fully editable so you can customize it and add your own notes and comments.

This is a good format for a bed & breakfast or similar t.....


Canada PIPEDA Privacy Policy for Hotel Website

If your hotel website originates in or does business in Canada, you are required to post a Privacy Policy on the site in accordance with PIPEDA.

Any website that gathers and stores personal information from site visitors for any purpose - such as for making hotel room reservations - must have a privacy policy that complies with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). This Privacy Policy template covers the following topics:
  • what types of pers.....

Hotel Group Accommodation Contract

Hotel managers, rent a block of rooms to a group with this Hotel Group Accommodation Contract.

This contract is ideal for tour groups or organizations requiring volume room bookings for events such as conventions, reunions, trade shows, etc. The Group Accommodation Contract includes provisions for:
  • payment of a deposit to hold the room reservations,
  • room guarantees,
  • what happens if there is a reduction in the anticipated number of guests,
  • ca.....

Hotel Management Agreement

Hire a manager or management company to run the operations of your hotel with this comprehensive Hotel Management Agreement.

  • The hotel manager agrees not to provide services to any competing business within a specified radius of the hotel. (This clause is applicable if a management company is being retained to run the business.)
  • The owner is responsible for ensuring that the business has adequate cash flow to pay all its operating expenses as they come due.
  • $29.99

Hotel Nanny Service Contract

Hotels can offer child care services to their guests under this standard Hotel Nanny Service Contract which contains provisions covering:

  • hourly rates for regular days and for holidays (based on the number of children),
  • methods of payment available to the guests,
  • duties of the nanny,
  • information and instructions that parents must provide,
  • restrictions on visitors, phone calls, room service,
  • a Parent Authorization and Release<.....

Housekeeping Employment Contract for Resort

Hire a housekeeper for a resort or bed & breakfast with this template Housekeeping Employment Contract.

  • The housekeeper is an employee, not an independent contractor, and is paid a salary.
  • The employee is entitled to sick days and vacation days as provided under applicable labor laws.
  • The agreement contains an optional room and board provision, for lodges and resorts where employment is seasonal.
  • This is a generic legal form which can be easily.....

Ontario Hotel or Motel Acquisition Due Diligence Checklist

Conduct your due diligence business review prior to buying a hotel or motel in Ontario with this Hotel or Motel Acquisition Due Diligence Checklist.

  • The checklist lists the various issues that you should review with your legal and financial advisers before proceeding with the purchase of the hotel business.
  • The form includes a breakdown of which items are to be handled by (i) the lawyers, (ii) the purchaser, (iii) the vendor.
  • The Checklist is downloadable an.....