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    Hunting and Fishing Leases

    Land owners, if you give other people access to your land to hunt or fish, you need to protect yourself and your property with one of these ready-made Hunting and Fishing Leases.

    A hunting or fishing lease is really more of a license to use a land owner's private property for a specific purpose. The land owner grants a person or a group access to his land for specified periods of time, often on a year-by-year basis, to hunt particular types of game or to fish particular species of fish in certain areas.

    The lease document should be very clear on what types of behavior are not allowed, for instance, cutting or damaging trees, starting fires, etc. It should restrict the hunter's access to other parts of the owner's land, and should contain a provision that the hunter will comply with all applicable wildlife laws.

    And it should contain a limitation of liability and indemnity provision to protect the land owner against claims for injury, damage, or death. Under such a provision, the hunter assumes all risks associated with his activities and use of the land.
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