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    Idaho Declaration of Homestead


    Protect the land that you own from attachment by creditors with this Idaho Declaration of Homestead.

    • Every homeowner in Idaho is automatically protected by law for the first $100,000 of equity in their primary residence (Idaho Code 55-1003).
    • This Declaration of Homestead form is used for either unimproved land (with no buildings) or for a property that you own but do not reside in.
    • The homestead exemption will protect the first $100,000 of equity in the property against attachment, levy or sale by your creditors to satisfy outstanding debts.
    • Fill in the form and file it with the County Recorder in the county in which the property is situated.
    • Available in MS Word format.
    • Intended to be used only in the State of Idaho.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 12-March-2024
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