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    Letter of Intent to Purchase Software Licenses


    Negotiate the terms of an agreement to purchase software licenses with this Letter of Intent template.

    • The parties to the transaction will be (i) the developer who holds the licensing rights to the software and (ii) a party who will purchase licenses for the software, for resale purposes.
    • The parties will not solicit or entertain any other offers for the purchase of the licenses unless and until negotiations between them have been terminated.
    • The purchaser agrees to pay a breakup fee if negotiations are terminated for any reason other than a breach by the developer.
    • Both parties agree to keep all information exchanged between them confidential.
    • The parties will continue to negotiate in good faith until either a definitive agreement is executed or the letter of intent expires.
    • This digital template is generic (not country-specific) and can be used anywhere.
    • You can download the Letter of Intent form right after you pay for it. Add it to your cart and check out.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 23-March-2022
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