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    License to Use Copyright Material in Film


    Before you can use copyrighted materials in your movie, you must get permission from the copyright holder with this License and Release form.

    • This license and release can be used for artwork, photos, quoted material and other copyrighted materials.
    • The copyright holder grants the producer an exclusive perpetual universal license to use the material in connection with the motion picture, derivative works, ancillary uses (such as promotional use), and merchandising.
    • The producer is not obligated to use the material.
    • The owner warrants that it owns the material and has the right to grant the license, and will indemnify the producer against any claims or damages arising from its use of the material.
    • The copyright owner releases the producer from any claims that the owner may have for libel, defamation, infringement, or otherwise.

    Get a copy of the License to Use Copyright Material form signed by each copyright holder prior to starting shooting.

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    Last Updated: 27-April-2021
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    Performer Release and Consent Form (Film or TV)


    Get this Performer Release and Consent Form signed by every actor or other performer in a film or television production.

    • The performer releases the producers of the project from future claims.
    • The release grants the producers the perpetual right to use the performer's image, likeness or voice recordings in connection with the film.
    • The performer agrees to be available for reshoots if and when required.
    • The performer waives his/her right to bring suit against the producers with respect to the production at any time in the future.

    A signed Release and Consent Form should be obtained from every performer before shooting starts.