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    Literary Management Representation Agreement for Screenwriters


    Prepare a professional agency contract for a client quickly and easily with this Literary Management Representation Agreement for screenwriters.

    • The manager will be paid a percentage of any gross compensation paid to the screenwriter for any work procured under the Agreement.
    • The manager has the right to produce and package any script by the screenwriter and is entitled to producer's fees and credits for production and distribution.
    • The parties agree that the contract is between the writer and the manager as individuals, and not with any firm, agency or other entity that the manager is employed by.
    • This is a generic legal contract which is not country-specific and can be used almost anywhere.

    If you represent screenwriters, then this Literary Management Representation Agreement is an ideal template for you. You can personalize each copy, customize it to reflect your unique services, and re-use it as often as your business requires.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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