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    Miscellaneous Provisions for Agreements


    These boilerplate agreement clauses can be used in most types of legal agreements and contracts. The clauses include the following:

    1. amendments to the contract,
    2. severability of articles and clauses,
    3. contra proferentum,
    4. counterpart signatures,
    5. interpretation provisions (ordinary usage, gender, singular or plural),
    6. English language clause (for Canadian contracts - it includes the French translation of the clause),
    7. entire agreement clause,
    8. inurement (binding effect),
    9. force majeure,
    10. further assurances,
    11. governing law,
    12. headings,
    13. schedules incorporated by reference,
    14. independent contractor clause,
    15. independent legal advice provision,
    16. joint and several obligations,
    17. method of giving notices,
    18. arbitration clauses for several countries,
    19. supercession of agreement,
    20. supplementary agreement,
    21. limited time for performance,
    22. time of the essence,
    23. right to injunction,
    24. prevailing party clause (for US contracts),
    25. no waiver unless in writing.

    Every person who prepares legal contracts should have a copy of these miscellaneous contract provisions handy. Buy and download the file for your precedent library.

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