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    Nanny Placement Contract


    Write up a contract between a nanny ⁄ au pair agency and a client to supply candidates for a position with this template Nanny Placement Contract.

    • The agency will recruit applicants for the client to interview for placement as a nanny for the client's children. The client will be responsible for verifying the applicant's credentials prior to hiring the nanny.
    • The agency's role is to act solely as an agent. The agency does not have an employment relationship with the nanny.
    • If a nanny placement does not work out, the agency will make additional replacement referrals free of charge for a specified period.
    • The client agrees to pay transportation costs for any out-of-town applicants to get to their interview.
    • The client agrees not to make private arrangements with an applicant in order to avoid paying the agency's fees.
    • The agency takes no responsibility for the nanny's actions, and cannot guarantee the nanny's honesty or reliability.
    • The client releases and indemnifies the agency against any claims, except those resulting from the agency's negligence.

    The Nanny Placement Contract template is generic (not country-specific) and can be re-used as often as you require. Download immediately after purchase.

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