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    Nanny Placement Contract


    Write up a contract between a nanny / au pair agency and a client to supply candidates for a position with this template Nanny Placement Contract.

    • The agency will recruit applicants for the client to interview for placement as a nanny for the client's children. The client will be responsible for verifying the applicant's credentials prior to hiring the nanny.
    • The agency's role is to act solely as an agent. The agency does not have an employment relationship with the nanny.
    • If a nanny placement does not work out, the agency will make additional replacement referrals free of charge for a specified period.
    • The client agrees to pay transportation costs for any out-of-town applicants to get to their interview.
    • The client agrees not to make private arrangements with an applicant in order to avoid paying the agency's fees.
    • The agency takes no responsibility for the nanny's actions, and cannot guarantee the nanny's honesty or reliability.
    • The client releases and indemnifies the agency against any claims, except those resulting from the agency's negligence.
    • The Nanny Placement Contract template is generic (not country-specific) and can be re-used as often as you require. Download immediately after purchase.
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    Last Updated: 02-February-2021
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    Nanny Employment Contract (No Agency)


    Use this downloadable Nanny Employment Contract to hire a nanny or au pair to look after your children without going through an agency.

    • The template is generic (not country-specific) and is fully editable. You can quickly and easily add in any specific provisions that are required by the laws in your jurisdiction.
    • If the nanny is required to work outside of his/her normal working hours, s/he will be paid overtime in accordance with applicable labor laws.
    • The nanny may be required to perform duties other than child care, such as grocery shopping and running errands.
    • If the nanny lives in, the employer will provide room and board.
    • The contract contains optional clauses for transportation, depending on whether the employer will provide a vehicle for the nanny's use or will pay for the nanny's transportation to and from work.
    • The employer is responsible for deducting taxes and required remittances from the nanny's pay.
    • The employer will contribute to the nanny's health insurance premiums.
    • Other benefits include paid holidays, vacation time, sick pay, and travel expenses if the nanny is required to travel with the family during their vacations.

    To get a copy of the Nanny Services Contract (No Agency), just put it in your shopping cart and go through checkout, then download the form.

    Nanny Placement Questionnaire


    Collect all the pertinent information you need to place a nanny / au pair with a client with this fully editable Nanny Placement Questionnaire form.

    The questionnaire will be filled out by families who require the services of a nanny. Clients must provide all relevant information, such as:
    • the type of nanny they are looking for,
    • information about the children, such as their ages, special needs, school, activities, etc.
    • current childcare arrangements,
    • duties of the nanny,
    • travel arrangements for out-of-town applicants,
    • employment details such as salary, holidays, sick days, health insurance and benefits.
    The Nanny Placement Questionnaire form is a downloadable MS Word template which can be easily customized for your business needs. This is a generic form which is not country-specific and can be used anywhere.