Manage residential and commercial rental properties in Nunavut Territory with these easy-to-use template forms for landlords and property managers.

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Nunavut Rental Application Form

Take applications from prospective tenants for a rental vacancy with this Rental Application Form for Residential Tenancy, for Nunavut Territory.

Applicants must supply information about:
  • their employment status and current employer,
  • what they currently pay in monthly expenses,
  • names and addresses of previous and current landlords,
  • personal and credit references.
This Nunavut Rental Application Form for Residential Tenancy

Nunavut Rental Property Viewing Agreement

Give potential tenants a chance to view a rental unit with this Rental Property Viewing Agreement for Nunavut residential rentals.

  • The prospective tenants must sign the Agreement before you provide them with a key to view the property.
  • They must also provide a personal item (such as a credit card) and a specified cash deposit for the key, which will be returned to them when they return the key.
  • This reusable rental template can be used by landlords or rental.....

Nunavut Resident Manager Agreement

Nunavut landlords, hire a tenant to act as resident manager of your rental building with this Agreement to Act as Resident Manager.

The tenant agrees to act as resident manager of the rental building in exchange for free or reduced rent, plus a monthly management fee. The resident manager's duties and responsibilities include:
  • collection of the rent and any late fees or other charges;
  • issuing eviction and default notices;
  • inspection of the re.....