Buy and sell real estate properties in Quebec with these easy-to-use Quebec Real Estate Forms. Affordable and fully editable. Many forms are available in both English and French versions.

According to the Québec Federation of Real Estate Boards, it is necessary to have copies of the following documents when selling your home:
  • Property's certificate of location
  • Pyrite, vermiculite, and iron ochre tests (in certain areas)
  • Invoices for amounts paid for renovations to the property
  • Declaration of co-ownership (if applicable)
  • The rental lease(s) (for plexes)
  • Municipal and school tax notices
  • Monthly electricity charges
  • Amounts of fixed costs for the property.
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Quebec Declaration of Family Residence (English)

If you are married or in a civil union and if you have, alone or with your spouse, registered a Declaration of Family Residence, your occupation of your home is protected if you separate. Your former spouse will not be able to sell, lease or mortgage your home.

The same rule applies if you rent your home and have added a statement to your lease declaring that it is your family residence. In this case, your former spouse will not be able to transfer the lease with.....


Quebec Promise to Purchase Real Estate (English)

Make an offer to purchase a real estate property in Quebec with this Promise to Purchase template (English language version).

  • Buyer's Promise. The buyer promises to purchase the property after the buyer has examined the property and has declared itself satisfied with the property.
  • Mortgage Condition. The buyer's offer is conditional upon the buyer being able to obtain a new mortgage.
  • Other Offers. The seller is still at liberty to offer .....

Quebec Real Estate Sale Contract (English version)

Sell immovable property in Quebec with this Real Estate Sale Contract (English language version).

  • Legal Warranty. The sale is made with legal warranty. The contract contains all the standard declarations and warranties of the vendor regarding the condition of the immovable.
  • Rentals and Condominiums. The Sale Contract also contains optional provisions to be used if the immovable is a rental property, a new construction or a condominium.
  • Taxes.....