Buy, sell and transfer residential and commercial real estate properties in Saskatchewan with these downloadable template legal forms.

Saskatchewan's Land Titles Registry is part of Information Services Corporation. This is where all transfers, title changes and registrations of interests in land are recorded. You can use their online title search to find out if anything is registered on the title to your property, or a property you are interested in buying.

Registration fees for transfers, mortgages and the like are set by ISC, and are payable by the purchaser / mortgagor.
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Saskatchewan Declaration of Residency

Download this free Saskatchewan Declaration of Residency forms for real estate sales in Saskatchewan.

If you are the vendor of the real estate property, you will need to provide the purchaser with the Declaration of Residency in order to fulfill the residency requirement of the Income Tax Act (Canada).

This free Saskatchewan Declaration of Residency is a free form provided in MS Word format.

Saskatchewan GST Exemption Certificate for Sale of Real Property

When you resell a residential property in Saskatchewan, you must complete this GST Exemption Certificate and provide it to the purchaser.
  • The seller certifies that the real estate in question is a residential property being resold within the meaning of the Excise Tax Act and that the seller has not claimed an input tax credit.
  • This form is for resales only and cannot be used for new construction.
The Saskatchewan GST Exemption Certificate for Sale of Real Pr.....

Saskatchewan Offer to Purchase Residential Real Estate

Make an offer to buy a residential property in Saskatchewan with this Offer to Purchase Residential Real Estate.

  • GST. The purchaser is responsible for paying any GST payable on the purchase of the property.
  • Conditions Precedent. The offer is conditional upon the purchaser obtaining mortgage financing and a satisfactory home inspection report.
  • Condominiums. If the property is a condominium, the seller must provide the purchaser with condo.....