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    Set Dressing / Props Release Agreement


    Prepare a Set Dressing / Props Release Agreement for a feature film or television production with this easy-to-use template.

    • The agreement is between the production company and the owner of the items which will be used as props or set dressing on the film.
    • The owner warrants that they are the owner of the items and have the right to grant the producers the right to use the items.
    • The owner grants the producers the perpetual worldwide right to use the items in connection with the motion picture.
    • The owner agrees not to make any future claims against the producers.
    • In return for the rights, the production company indemnifies the owner against any claims, damages or suits which are not the result of a breach of the agreement by the owner.
    • Available in MS Word format. Fully editable and easy to use.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 03-March-2022
    SKU: 6029
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    Clearance Request Form for Music


    Get permission to use recorded music in a film, television production or video game with this Clearance Request Form.

    • The filmmaker must provide written permission from the music publisher.
    • The filmmaker must also obtain approval from the AFM or any other union that has jurisdiction over the use of the recording.

    Not getting proper clearance can land you in big trouble for copyright infringement. Get a signed Clearance Request Form before using someone else's music in your project.