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    Subcontractor Addendum to Contract


    If you're using subtrades on a construction project, you should have each one sign this Subcontractor Addendum to Contract.

    • The subcontractor accepts the terms of the primary contractor's Subcontract, subject to the contractor accepting the terms of the Addendum.
    • In the event of discrepancies between the Addendum and the other contract documents, the Addendum will prevail.
    • The subcontractor has the same rights against the contractor as the contractor has against the property owner.
    • The contractor is responsible for obtaining all permits and providing all site facilities and utilities unless otherwise agreed in writing by the subcontractor.
    • The subcontractor is entitled to reimbursement for extra costs if there is a change in the project schedule.
    • This is a generic form (not country-specific), available in MS Word format.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 20-September-2022
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