Buy, sell and transfer Texas real estate property with these downloadable deeds, contracts, and conveyancing forms for residential and commercial real estate. If you need mortgage documents, go to Texas Mortgage Forms.

Texas does not have a statutory form of deed. If the form contains all the required elements and meets the minimum statutory requirements, it is acceptable for recordation. Deeds are the most commonly used method of transferring (conveying) title from one owner to another.

Real estate properties can also be transferred by will or inheritance, eminent domain, and adverse possession.
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Texas Amendment to Real Estate Contract

Amend a real estate contract for Texas property with this free Amendment Form from the Texas Real Estate Commission.

Provisions include changes for:
  • sale price,
  • property repairs,
  • contract dates,
  • additional fees and other amounts paid by seller or buyer.
The Texas Amendment to Real Estate Contract form is a PDF download.

Texas Amendment to Time Share Property Registration

Make an amendment to a time share property registration with this free form provided by the Texas Real Estate Commission.

The individual completing the form must sign an oath stating the information provided in the amendment is true and correct, in accordance with The Timeshare Act.

Texas Amendment to Time Share Property Registration, available as a free PDF download.

Texas Application for Residence Homestead Exemption

TX home owners, apply for a reduction in your property taxes with this free Application for Residence Homestead Exemption Form 50-114.

  • The form must be completed and submitted to your local appraisal district office.
  • If you are over 65, disabled, or a disabled veteran, your exemption level is higher than the general amount available to other residents.
  • The exemption application form can be used for a single family dwelling, or a mobile or manufactured home, .....

Texas Application to Register Time Share Property

Download a free Texas Application to Register Time Share Property, prepared by the Texas Real Estate Commission.

The form discloses all pertinent information regarding the property and the owners of the property, pursuant to The Timeshare Act.

Available as a PDF download.

Texas Community Property Survivorship Agreement

TX property owners, avoid probate proceedings with respect to your community property with this Texas Community Property Survivorship Agreement.

  • The agreement is between two spouses, pursuant to the Texas Probate Code XI(3), section 451.
  • Upon the death of a spouse, title to all community property held by the spouses will immediately vest in the surviving spouse.
  • The agreement automatically terminates if the marriage ends.
  • As long as both spouses ar.....

Texas Easement and Maintenance Agreement

Allow a neighbor to have access over your land with this Ingress and Egress Easement and Maintenance Agreement for Texas land owners.

  • This form can be used to create an easement for a road to one party's house that runs across adjoining land belonging to a neighbor.
  • The landowner (the grantor) grants, sells and conveys to the other party (the grantee) a perpetual, free, continuous and uninterrupted easement to use the easement.
  • Neither party will erect any.....

Texas Exclusive Right-to-Sell Real Estate Agreement

Texas realty brokers, prepare an Exclusive Right-to-Sell Residential Real Estate Agreement with this easy-to-use template.

  • The property seller gives the broker the exclusive right to sell the property. In exchange, the broker will list the property and promote it with potential buyers.
  • In addition to the broker's fees, the seller is responsible for paying all closing costs.
  • The seller agrees to pay the broker's fee if the seller fails or refuses to sell the .....

Texas General Warranty Deed for Joint Ownership

Transfer title of a real estate property in Texas from two sellers to two buyers with this Texas General Warranty Deed for joint ownership with rights of survivorship.

This is the type of Warranty Deed that is used to convey a property from one couple (spouses or partners) to another couple, who will live in the property.

The sellers (grantors) covenant to the buyers (grantees) that they have good and marketable title to the property, they have the legal ri.....

Texas General Warranty Deed Form

Transfer a Texas real estate property from a seller to a buyer with this easy-to-use Texas General Warranty Deed form.

A General Warranty Deed provides the buyer with the broadest protection of any form of title deed. The seller (the grantor) gives the buyer (the grantee) the following covenants:

  • that the grantor has good and marketable title to the property,
  • that the grantor has the legal right and authority to transfer the title to the bu.....

Texas Notice of Real Estate Contract Termination

Cancel a real estate purchase contract with this Notice of Real Estate Contract Termination form for Texas properties.

  • The contract can only be terminated for a valid reason (for instance, if you are unable to obtain a mortgage loan).
  • The Notice must set out the reason(s) that the contract is being canceled.
  • The form includes a Certificate of Delivery so that you can record how the Notice was served on the seller of the property.