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    Stock Buy-Sell / Redemption Agreement | USA


    Set out the provisions for dealing with the shares of a departing or deceased shareholder in this Stock Buy-Sell / Redemption Agreement for USA corporations.

    • The Agreement clarifies the procedure the corporation must follow for repurchasing or redeeming a departing or deceased shareholder's stock holdings.
    • Payment is secured by a promissory note and may be made over time.
    • The corporation may not declare or pay dividends, reorganize, merge, consolidate, sell any of its material assets, or increase the salary of any key employee or officer while any portion of the redemption price remains unpaid.
    • The departing shareholder must resign as a director and/or officer upon closing of the share purchase.
    • This template is available as a MS Word download and is fully editable to fit your specific circumstances.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 23-January-2021
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    Share Repurchase (Buy-Back) Agreement


    Use this downloadable Share Repurchase (Buy-Back) Agreement to transfer shares from a shareholder back to the corporation.

    • The Agreement is secured by a promissory note, and the template includes a sample form of promissory note.
    • The corporation will cancel the shares after buying them back.
    • The vendor represents that the shares are free of encumbrances and security interests against them.
    • Both parties agree to take all actions necessary to complete the transaction.
    • The Share Repurchase Agreement allows the corporation to reduce the number of outstanding shares and retain share value.

    If your company is planning to repurchase some of its shares, this Share Repurchase Agreement is a good place to start. Download a copy now.

    Valuation of Shares Clause for Shareholder Agreement


    Make provision for determining the fair market value of shares with this downloadable Valuation of Shares clause for a Shareholder Agreement.

    The clause sets out the process by which the fair market value (FMV) of the shares will be arrived at in the event that the shareholders cannot agree, following a triggering event which has affected the FMV of the shares.

    The Valuation of Shares Clause for Shareholder Agreement is provided in MS Word format and is fully editable.

    Buy-Sell Provisions for Shareholder Agreement


    These optional buy-sell provisions can be inserted into a Shareholder Agreement to provide for the purchase and sale of shares among the shareholders of a company.

    • The remaining shareholders have right of first refusal to purchase a departing shareholder's shares.
    • Any buy-sell offers made during the notice period are irrevocable.
    • The purchase price must be paid in full on closing.
    These generic Shareholder Agreement Buy-Sell Provisions are in MS Word format and are fully editable.