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    Prepare notices to serve on your tenant or your landlord with these downloadable template Landlord and Tenant Notice Forms for Idaho.

    Q. How much notice is required to end a tenancy under the Idaho Code?

    A. If the tenancy is month-to-month or year-to-year, one month's notice is required. There is no statutory notice period for a weekly tenancy but one week's notice is typical.

    Q. How much is a landlord allowed to charge for a security deposit?

    A. Idaho law does not set a limit on the amount that a landlord can ask for a security deposit. Tenants should ensure that the landlord properly discloses all amounts to be paid before the tenancy begins. A reasonable amount to be paid for a security deposit would be one month's rent.

    Q. When does the security deposit have to be returned to the tenant?

    A. The landlord must refund the security deposit to the tenant within 30 days after the termination of the tenancy, failing which the tenant can take legal action to collect it. Landlords are allowed to deduct unpaid rent, utility bills and the cost of damage to the rental unit.

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