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    Prepare notices to serve on your tenant or your landlord with these downloadable template Landlord and Tenant Notice Forms for Quebec.

    Q. How much notice is required to terminate a tenancy in Quebec?

    A. If the lease is not for a fixed term or if the term of the lease is less than 1 year, the tenant is required to give 1 month's written notice of non-renewal. For leases of longer than 1 year, the tenant must give 3 months' notice but notice must not be given more than 6 months before the end of the lease term. The lease will automatically renew if notice is not given.

    Q. Is my landlord required to give me notice before entering the premises?

    A. Yes, the Civil Code states that the landlord must give 24 hours written notice of his intention to enter the rental unit, except in an emergency. A tenant cannot refuse a landlord access if the entry is for the purpose of carrying out required work or repairs, but the tenant can require that entry only take place between 7AM and 7PM.

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