TV Production Contracts

Hire cast and crew, obtain rights to material and run your production office with these downloadable contracts and forms for filming TV projects.

  • Template forms for episodic series, made-for-TV movies, specials, reality shows and other television productions.
  • Customizable and reusable contracts, department forms, pre- and post-production forms.
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Artist Broadcast Release (TV or Radio Program)

Get a release from a performer for a television or radio program with this downloadable Artist Broadcast Release form.

  • The artist grants the producers of the program the right to record and broadcast the artist's voice and/or musical performance, but ONLY for purposes of the broadcast.
  • The artist waives all right to royalties or other compensation for the performance.
  • The template includes a signature section by a parent or guardian, for performers who ar.....

Canada Broadcast Recording Agreement (TV or Radio Program)

Do you produce television or radio programs in Canada? Use this template to prepare a Broadcast Recording Agreement for musical artists who appear on those programs.

  • The artist allows the producer to record a performance solely for use in the broadcast and re-broadcast of the program.
  • The artist also grants the producer the right to use the artist's name and likeness to promote the program.
  • All recordings of the broadcast, in any format, are the propert.....

Co-Production Agreement for TV Series

Prepare a Co-Production Agreement between two producers of a television series with this concise contract template.

  • One of the producers will be responsible for obtaining production financing for the series, and the other will provide administrative production services.
  • As compensation, the administrative producer will receive a percentage of all net profits from the series.
  • The financing partner will hold sole rights to the copyright of the television serie.....

Producer Agreement for TV Series

Enter into a contract with a producer who will produce a television series for you with this downloadable Producer Agreement template.

  • The initial term is for one year (1 season of episodes), and the production company has an exclusive option to renew for a further term.
  • As compensation, the producer will be paid a base salary, residuals, and benefits (medical, life insurance, expense account, car allowance).
  • The Agreement will terminate if the producer beco.....

Television Music Composer Agreement

Hire a composer to write and arrange music for a TV show with this Television Music Composer Agreement.

  • The composer will write, arrange, record, conduct and otherwise prepare and produce music for the TV program (titles, cues, themes, etc).
  • The composer's services are rendered on a work-for-hire basis.
  • The music, master recordings, copyrights and intellectual property rights are the sole property of the producer.
  • The composer is paid a fixed c.....

Television Music Rights License

TV producers can pick up the rights to use music for a series, program or made for TV movie with this standard form Television Music Rights License.

  • The owner of the composition grants the TV producer a nonexclusive right to record in synchronization or timed relation with the program.
  • The TV producer does not have the right to exhibit the program in movie theaters or broadcast over pay-per-view or subscription television services.
  • The license does NOT give.....

Television Performer Employment Contract

Use this Television Performer Employment Contract to hire actors and musicians for a TV series or program.

  • The term of employment is for a specified period of time, which can be extended if both parties agree in writing.
  • The performer will be paid a regular salary (the payment period in the template is weekly).
  • The producer will supply transportation, meals and accommodation for any required location shooting.
  • The producer has the right to suspend .....

USA Broadcast Recording Agreement (TV or Radio Program)

Sign a Broadcast Recording Agreement with a musical artist appearing on a television or radio program with this downloadable template for US broadcasters.

  • The producer has the right to record the artist's performance only for the purposes of the broadcast and any re-broadcast.
  • The agreement contains the standard consent for the producer to use the artist's name and likeness.
  • The producer has sole ownership of all recordings of the broadcast.
  • The .....

Video Footage Clearance for TV Program

Get permission to use a video clip from an independent videographer with this Video Footage Clearance and Release (TV Program).

  • The Clearance and Release Form can be used for news casts, entertainment programs, celebrity spotting, weather channels, music channels, and other programs which use footage from freelance videographers.
  • The videographer gives the network or channel the right to broadcast, modify and use all or part of the footage, and to use the videographer.....