Auditor Forms

Appoint new auditors for your company, or remove your existing auditors from office, with these ready-to-use Auditor Forms.

What is an auditor?

An auditor is a public officer charged by law with the duty of auditing and verifying the expenditure of public funds, or an accountant who performs a similar function for private companies.

What is an audit?

An audit is an unbiased examination and evaluation of the financial statements of an organization, typically performed by an outside accountant or accounting firm. The term "audit" also means an examination of a taxpayer's return or other transactions by the federal taxing authority.

Do I have to have my company's books audited each year?

In Canada, the United States and the UK, there are exemptions that exempt many private limited companies from having to have their annual financial statements audited. However, if the number of shareholders exceeds a certain number or if the company's revenues are above a certain threshold, the company may be required to produce audited financials. If the shares are traded publicly, an audit is required.

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Audit Confirmation Letter (Canada)

Prepare an Audit Confirmation Letter for a Canadian company with this downloadable template.

Each year, Canadian lawyers receive requests from the auditors of their corporate clients to provide information before they can audit the company's financial statements. The Audit Confirmation Letter template covers all of the information routinely requested by the auditors:

  • confirmation that the law firm is the solicitor of record for the corporation,
  • details of an.....

Board of Directors Resolution to Appoint Auditors (UK)

Appoint auditors for a UK company with this free Board of Directors Resolution template.

  • This Resolution can be used either for the appointment of the first auditors of the company, prior to the first general meeting, or to fill a casual vacancy in the office of auditor in between general meetings.
  • The Resolution can be used by a private company limited by shares, in accordance with The Companies Act 1985.
  • This free Directors Resolution to Appoint Auditors.....

Corporate Representations to Auditors (Canada)

Before your corporation's auditors can prepare your financial statements, they require certain representations from the corporation with respect to the financial records.

This downloadable set of Representations is for Canadian corporations. It includes numerous acknowledgements and representations, including:

  • That the company is responsible for maintaining an internal system of accounting controls that reduces the possibility of fraud, errors and irregularities.
  • .....

Directors Resolutions Forming Audit Committee (USA)

Prepare a resolution of the board to form an audit committee with this easy to use template form for USA corporations.

The Board of Directors will pass resolutions to:

  • formally establish the audit committee and appoint the committee members,
  • mandate how committee meetings will be held,
  • set out how the committee will carry out its duties,
  • establish a procedure for committee reports to be made to the Board.

These Directors R.....


Directors Resolutions to Form Audit Committee (Canada)

Pass resolutions to form an audit committee with this set of Directors' Resolutions for a Canadian corporation.

The resolutions deal with all matters relevant to the formation of the committee, including:

  • appointing the members of the audit committee,
  • determining how and when the committee will meet,
  • establishing how the audit committee will carry out its duties, and
  • setting procedures for the committee's reports to the Board.
  • .....

Minutes of Audit Committee Meeting (Canada)

Use this easy template to prepare minutes of an audit committee meeting for a Canadian corporation.

The form includes:

  • Appointment of a chairman and secretary for the meeting.
  • Waiver of notice and establishment of quorum.
  • Review of the corporation's financial statements.
  • Termination of the meeting.

The Minutes of Audit Committee Meeting is intended to be used by companies incorporated in Canada only. The&n.....


Notice Appointing Auditor of Corporation (USA)

Give notice of the appointment of an auditor for a USA corporation with this downloadable form.

  • The Notice Appointing Auditor of Corporation must be given by the corporation to the accountant(s) being appointed as the company's auditor for the ensuing fiscal year.
  • Written notice must be given each year.
  • Download a free copy of the Notice Appointing Auditor of Corporation for US-based companies.

Notices to Appoint and Remove Auditors (Canada)

Prepare Notices for appointing and removing the auditors of a Canadian corporation with this package of forms which contains the following items:

  1. Notice Appointing Auditor: to be given by the corporation to the accounting firm being appointed as the company's auditor for the ensuing fiscal year.
  2. Notice Removing Auditor: to be given by the corporation to its current auditors informing them that they are being removed from their appointment as t.....

Shareholder Resolution to Remove Auditor (Canada)

Prepare a special resolution of shareholders to remove the auditor of a corporation with this easy template form for Canadian companies.

  • In accordance with the company's bylaws, the shareholders can pass a special resolution to remove the current auditor from office.
  • A replacement auditor is appointed to serve until the next annual meeting.
  • The resolution must be signed by all of the shareholders, including those who do not hold voting shares.
  • If.....

Special Notice for Removal of Auditors (UK)

A member of a UK company may propose a resolution to replace the auditors by serving the company with this Special Notice for Removal of Auditors.

  • The notice must be served at least 28 days before the next annual general meeting, pursuant to sections 379 and 391A of the Companies Act 1985.
  • The company must send a copy to the auditors, and notify the members about the proposed resolution at least 21 days prior to the meeting.
  • The form can be used throughout.....