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    Share Purchase Agreement with Vendor Take-Back Provisions | Canada


    Prepare a Share Purchase Agreement with Vendor Take-Back Provisions with this template form for Canadian corporations.

    • A portion of the share purchase price will be paid by the purchaser to the vendor over time, secured by a promissory note.
    • If the purchaser defaults, the promissory note will become due and the vendor may take back ownership of the shares (this is called vendor take-back).
    • If the purchaser postpones consecutive payment, the second postponement will incur a late payment fee.
    • The vendor's accountants will prepare closing financial statements.
    • The purchaser must provide personal and corporate guarantees.
    • The corporation's income taxes will be allocated between the parties in accordance with the closing.
    • This Share Purchase Agreement with Vendor Take-Back Provisions is available as a fully editable MS Word document.
    • This is a Canadian legal document.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 09-March-2021
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    Nova Scotia Share Purchase Agreement


    Sell shares in a Nova Scotia corporation to a purchaser with this short form Share Purchase Agreement.

    • The vendor will continue to hold the shares until all conditions are met, including payment of the purchase price.
    • Once the share purchase price is fully paid, the shares will be transferred to the purchaser.
    • The template is fully editable so you can customize it with the specific terms and conditions you want.

    To get your copy of the Nova Scotia Share Purchase Agreement, add it to your cart, go through our secure checkout and download the form to your PC or laptop.