Rent, lease and sublet rental properties in New Zealand with these affordable easy-to-use New Zealand Residential Tenancy Agreements, which can be used by both landlords and letting agents.

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New Zealand Agreement for Early Termination of Lease

Cancel a tenant's lease before the end of the lease term with this New Zealand Agreement for Early Termination of Lease form.

  • This form is not for evictions. It can only be used when both the landlord and tenant agree to terminate the lease early.
  • This Agreement is for residential properties only. A different form is required for commercial tenancies.
  • The tenant must still give the landlord written no.....

New Zealand Agreement for Permission to Sublet

NZ tenants, get your landlord's consent to sublet your rental premises to a new tenant with this New Zealand Agreement for Permission to Sublet.

  • The sublet is subject to the terms of the original lease.
  • The original tenant is still obligated to perform his/her obligations under the lease until the expiration of the lease, if the subtenant fails to do so.
  • The form is fully editable and is easy to use.
This New Zealand Agreement for Permissi.....

New Zealand Bond Lodgement Form

NZ landlords, use this free Bond Lodgement form to lodge a tenant's bond money with the New Zealand Tenancy Services Centre.

  • The form must be completed by a landlord and tenant when the tenant is paying bond money as security for renting a residential property under a tenancy agreement.
  • The form and the bond money must then be lodged with the Tenancy Services Centre.
  • Last revision date February 2008.
This free New Zealand Bond Lodgement fo.....

New Zealand Change of Tenant

NZ landlords, notify the Tenancy Services Centre of a change in tenants in a rental property with this New Zealand Change of Tenant form.

  • This is a free PDF form supplied by the Department of Building and Housing - Tenancy Services pursuant to the Residential Tenancies Act 1986.
  • Last revision date February 2007.
New Zealand Change of Tenant, Form T20.

New Zealand Co-Signer Agreement for Tenancy by Minor

New Zealand landlords, if you are letting a rental unit to a tenant who is not of legal age (such as a student), make sure a parent or guardian of the tenant executes this Co-Signer Agreement for Tenancy by Minor.

The co-signer agrees to:
  • have the landlord check his ⁄ her credit,
  • guarantee that the tenant complies with the rental agreement,
  • guarantee the payment of rent.
This New Zealand Co-Signer Agreement for Tenancy by Minor.....

New Zealand Refund of Bond

NZ landlords, prepare a Refund of Bond for a vacating tenant with this free downloadable form.

  • The Refund form must be completed and signed by both the tenant and the lessor or managing agent at the end of a residential tenancy.
  • The form instructs the Tenancy Services Centre how much of the bond is to be refunded to each party.
  • It also contains information about the refund process and instructions on how to complete the Refund form.
  • Last revision d.....

New Zealand Residential Tenancy Agreement

NZ landlords, write your tenancy agreements quickly and easily with this New Zealand Residential Tenancy Agreement template.

The Agreement contains required standard provisions with respect to the tenancy, such as:
  • payment of the rent and rental bond,
  • application of the New Zealand Residential Tenancies Act 1986 and the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993,
  • who is responsible for paying for the water supply,
  • subletting or assignment by the tenant o.....

New Zealand Subletting Agreement for Residential Premises

Sublet a rental premises in New Zealand to a subtenant with this Subletting Agreement for Residential Premises.

  • The subtenant must perform all of the tenant's obligations under the original (master) lease, including paying for electricity, gas, water and telephone service.
  • The subtenant agrees to pay a bond to cover damages and unpaid rent and service charges.
  • The agreement is governed by the provisions of the Residential Tenancies Act 1986.
  • The la.....