USA Software Publishing Agreement


Obtain new software apps for publication in the United States with this comprehensive USA Software Publishing Agreement template.

  • The software developer ('author') grants the publisher exclusive worldwide rights to the work, and the right to register copyright and trade mark on the work.
  • The author represents that the work is original, and that the author has not filed a copyright claim or registered a trademark for the software.
  • The author agrees to indemnify the publisher against any losses arising from the author's breach of any of its representations or warranties. Any such losses sustained by the publisher would be deducted from the royalties payable to the author for sales of the software title.
  • The author will provide support and will correct any defects or errors in the software for a period of one year following initial publication.
  • The author agrees not to create any derivative works based on the title. If the publisher wishes to have a derivative work or an updated version of the title prepared, the author will be given the option of preparing it. If the author agrees to do so, royalties for such derivative or updated version will be paid to the author.
  • The parties agree to submit any disputes to arbitration.
This USA Software Publishing Agreement template is available as a fully editable Microsoft Word form.
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