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    Directors Resolution to Set Salary of Officer | Canada


    Fix the salary of a corporate officer at a specific amount with this Directors' Resolution for Canadian corporations.

    The free form can be downloaded in MS Word format, or you can copy and paste the text below.

    RESOLUTIONS OF THE DIRECTORS OF ___________________ (insert name of corporation)
    (the "Corporation")

    REGARDING THE SALARY OF ______________ (insert name of officer)

    BE IT RESOLVED THAT the salary of ____________________ (insert name), as ______________ (insert position) of the Corporation, is hereby fixed at the sum of ___________________ (insert number in words) DOLLARS ($______) (insert amount) per month, commencing the ____ day of ____________, _______,and continuing until the further action of this Board of Directors.

    The undersigned, constituting all members of the Board of Directors of the Corporation, hereby adopt the foregoing resolutions pursuant to the provisions of the Business Corporations Act.

    DATED at ___________________ (insert city, province) this _____ day of ______________, 20___.

    Signature of Director

    Signature of Director

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    Last Updated: 27-June-2018
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