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    Commercial Lease Forms

    Rent business space to tenants quickly and easily with these customizable Commercial Lease Forms.

    • Leases and rental forms for office, retail and warehouse space.
    • Download affordable templates for landlords, leasing agents and property managers.

    Both parties benefit from a written lease.

    Commercial tenants in the United States and Canada do not have the same level of protection under the law that residential tenants have. In many jurisdictions, once the lease is signed, the landlord has no obligation to make repairs or maintain the property in a habitable condition unless it is specifically included in the lease. That is why it's very important to have a well written lease. Both parties benefit from it in the long run - the tenant has the security of knowing that the landlord has a legal responsibility to maintain the building, and the landlord can anticipate happier tenants and a low vacancy rate.

    In some other countries, commercial tenants are much better protected by law. The Commercial Tenancy (Retail Shops) Agreement Act of Western Australia regulates retail tenancies and protects the rights of business tenants. And New Zealand's Property Law Act 2007 has abolished the landlord's right to distrain (seize the tenant's property) for unpaid rent.

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