Downloadable e-books on a variety of topics including money management, self defence, personal growth and entertaining. Browse the titles to find something that's right up your alley.

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Fighting Back: Every Woman's Guide to Survival

Don't be a victim - learn how to defend yourself with Fighting Back: Every Woman's Guide to Survival.

Fighting Back is a 66-page self defence guide written by Helene Crane, a 14-year police force veteran. Learn how to stay safe, and practice the author's step-by-step illustrated methods to defend yourself against armed and unarmed attackers.

  • Learn how to defend against attacks from the front and from the rear.
  • How to turn everyday objects i.....

One Minute Name Memory

Never be embarrassed again by forgetting someone's name in public! The One Minute Name Memory course will teach you how to remember every name, every time.

Learn the tricks and tools you need to:

  • improve your memory,
  • feel more confident,
  • improve customer relationships,
  • reduce your stress when meeting new people.

By using the L.I.S.T.E.N process developed by Brian Lee, you can avoid those em.....


The Soap Cookbook

Make your own healthy, natural and eco-friendly handmade soaps and cosmetics with The Soap Cookbook.

This book's 10 chapters contain all the recipes, ingredients, and step-by-step instructions you need for making luxurious homemade and environmentally safe soaps, beauty and household products, including:

  • beauty bars, bubble bath, bath salts, liquid soaps, loofas
  • laundry and housecleaning products
  • infused oi.....

The Wedding MC - Guide to the Perfect Wedding Reception

Plan the perfect wedding reception with The Wedding M.C., a 470-page downloadable guide by Brian Lee that includes tips and information for the bride, the groom and the master of ceremonies. The book includes:

  • a master checklist,
  • speech writing tips and examples,
  • planning multicultural weddings,
  • tips for overcoming stage fright,
  • setup and takedown of equipment,
  • how to make guest introductions,
  • a timeline of .....

US Army Survival Manual

This free Survival Manual is the ultimate guide to surviving everything from shipwrecks to nuclear attacks. Topics include:

  • How to plan for survival, and how to put together a survival kit.
  • Basic survival medicine.
  • How to build a shelter.
  • Finding a water source, and how to make a still to purify the water you find.
  • How to make a fire.
  • Food procurement.
  • Poisonous plants and dangerous a.....