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    Prepare notices to serve on your tenant or your landlord with these downloadable template Landlord and Tenant Notice Forms for Missouri.

    Q. How much can a landlord charge for a security deposit?

    A. Missouri law allows a landlord to charge no more than two months' rent for a security deposit. The law does not address pet deposits or non-refundable fees. Security deposits must be returned within 30 days after the termination of the lease.

    Q. How often can a landlord increase the rent?

    A. Missouri does not have rent control laws that limit the amount landlords can charge for rent. State laws also prohibit local governments from establishing their own rent control laws. The landlord can raise the rent at any time except during the fixed term of a lease (unless the lease specifically allows it), however, they cannot raise the rent for discriminatory reasons, such as retaliation for a tenant filing a complaint.

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