Easy-to-use Real Estate Forms to help you buy and sell residential or commercial property in the Province of Alberta.

If you have a complaint against a realtor, real estate broker, appraiser or other professional involved in your real estate transaction (except for your lawyer), contact the Real Estate Council of Alberta at 1-888-425-2754. Complaints about lawyers are handled by the Law Society of Alberta.

Home inspectors in Alberta must be licensed by the Provincial Government, must have a bond or other security, and are required to carry errors and omissions insurance, and to comply with the provisions of the Home Inspection Business Regulation.

If the home inspector is being paid by a third party to do the inspection (such as your realtor or mortgage lender), that could constitute a conflict of interest. Home inspectors are not allowed to conduct an inspection in that event.
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Alberta Agreement for Sale of Land

Sell a lot or parcel of land in Alberta over time with this comprehensive Agreement for Sale template.

  • The purchaser will pay the purchase price to the vendor over an agreed-upon period of time.
  • The purchaser can take possession of the property and continue to occupy the land so long as there is no default in any payments due under the agreement.
  • The purchaser will be considered a tenant of the seller (vendor) at a yearly rental equal to the yearly payment.....

Alberta As-Is Real Estate Purchase Contract

Sell a property in Alberta on an as-is basis with this Alberta As-It-Stands Real Estate Purchase Contract

  • Purpose of Agreement. This type of contract is often used to buy land with no buildings (vacant lots, parking lots, etc.), or to buy a lot on which the building will be demolished.
  • For Sale by Owner. This is an FSBO (for sale by owner) contract. Since the property is being sold by the vendor (seller) without being listed through a realtor, the.....

Alberta Caveat for Encroachment Agreement

Register a caveat for an interest under an encroachment agreement with this free Alberta Land Titles Form 26 Caveat Forbidding Registration.

  • The Caveat includes the required Form 27, Affidavit in Support which refers to the caveator's interest in the property pursuant to the encroachment agreement.
  • The form can be filled out on the computer or printed and completed by hand.
  • The Affidavit in Support must be sworn in front of a Commissioner for Oaths.
  • Free

Alberta Declaration of Residency

If you are selling real estate property in Alberta, you will need to provide the purchaser with this Declaration of Residency in order to fulfill the residency requirement of the Income Tax Act (Canada).

This Alberta Declaration of Residency is a free form provided in MS Word format.

Alberta Directors Resolutions Approving Sale of Land

Authorize the sale of land by a corporation by a Resolution of the Directors with this downloadable template for an Alberta business corporation.

  • All contracts, agreements, transactions and business conducted by the directors on behalf of the corporation must be documented for the corporation's Minute Book.
  • The sale of a corporate asset requires the approval of a majority of the directors by ordinary resolution.
  • This corporate form can be saved as a template.....

Alberta Discharge of Easement or Restrictive Covenant

Download this free Alberta Land Titles Form 10.1 Discharge of Easement, Restrictive Covenant, Party Wall Agreement or Encroachment Agreement.

This form is in MS Word format and can be completed either by hand or on a computer and filed with an Alberta Registry office.

Alberta Dower Act Forms

When selling real estate in Alberta, you must provide Dower Act Forms with your transfer documents. This package contains:

  1. a Dower Affidavit,
  2. Consent of Spouse and Certificate of Acknowledgement by Spouse, and
  3. Affidavit of Executor or Administrator.
These forms must be attached to any instrument (such as a transfer of land) disposing of a principal residence in order to fulfill the requirements of the Dower Act with respect to spousal consent to.....

Alberta Foreign Ownership Declaration Form 1

This Foreign Ownership Declaration Form 1 is to be used by Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada when they purchase an interest in controlled land in Alberta.

  • 'Controlled land' is land that lies outside of municipal boundaries, such as farm land.
  • A foreign ownership declaration must be completed and filed by every beneficial owner of controlled land in the Province of Alberta.
  • The form is available in MS Word format and can be completed either .....

Alberta Foreign Ownership Declaration Form 2

Canadian corporations purchasing an interest in controlled land in Alberta must file this Foreign Ownership Declaration Form 2 for Corporations that are Not Foreign Controlled.

  • Controlled land is any land that does not fall within the boundaries of a municipality, such as farm land, but does not include crown land or mineral rights.
  • Every beneficial owner of controlled land in the Province of Alberta is required to file a Foreign Ownership Declaration.
  • This .....

Alberta Foreign Ownership Declaration Form 3

This Form 3 Foreign Ownership Declaration must be filed by all non-Canadians, non-permanent residents and foreign controlled corporations when they purchase an interest in controlled land in the Province of Alberta.

  • The Land Titles Act defines controlled land as land in Alberta that does not include crown lands (excluding land held by the Public Trustee), land within the boundaries of a city, town, village or summer village, and mines and minerals.
  • A foreign ow.....