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    Annual Corporate Resolutions | Canada


    Prepare the Annual Resolutions of the shareholders and directors of a Canadian business corporation with this package of forms.

    In small privately held corporations, it is common to pass Resolutions instead of holding a formal annual meeting, to deal with all the business that must be covered in the corporation's annual meeting.

    This package is a convenient time-saver for corporate lawyers and paralegals. It contains the following template forms:

    1. Resolution of the directors appointing the corporate officers and approving the financial statements.
    2. Resolution of the voting shareholders approving the financials and electing the directors.
    3. Resolution of all of the shareholders appointing auditors or waiving the audit requirement.
    4. Cover letter to be sent by a law firm to its corporate clients, enclosing the forms and giving instructions to the client.

    This package of Canada Annual Resolutions Forms can be used for federal companies and in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nunavut, Yukon and Northwest Territories. French language translation required for Quebec.

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    Last Updated: 20-January-2022
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