Protect your intellectual property rights in copyrights, trade marks and patents with these template forms for People's Republic of China.

Currently only English language versions available. A Chinese translation may be required for validation.

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China Employee Intellectual Property Rights Agreement

Protect your investment and your interest in inventions and innovations created by your employees by having them sign this Employee Intellectual Property Rights Agreement for companies doing business in China.

  • The employee assigns all of his/her right, title and interest in all inventions, patents and improvements developed by the employee in connection with the employment, and will assist the employer in securing domestic and foreign patent rights.
  • The employee will .....

China Patent Assignment Agreement

Assign your rights in Chinese patents to another party as part of a business acquisition with this Patent Assignment Agreement for China.

  • The assignor transfers all of its ownership interest in the patents to the assignee.
  • In return, the assignee licenses back to the assignor the right to use the patents in connection with its business. The license back is royalty free, fully paid, worldwide and non-exclusive.
  • The assignee will be responsible for translating.....

China Trademark License Agreement

Grant another party the right to use your trademark in China with this Trademark License Agreement, in accordance with the Contract Law and the Trademark Law of the People's Republic of China.

  • The owner of the trademark agrees not to assign the trademark or license its use to any third party, except for its subsidiaries.
  • The owner will pay all fees to keep the trademark registered and valid.
  • The owner will file the license agreement with the proper admini.....