Affidavit and Declaration Forms

Prepare Affidavits and Statutory Declarations with these downloadable, customizable legal forms.

What is an affidavit?

An affidavit is a written statement of facts confirmed by the oath of the party making the affidavit (the affiant), in front of a lawyer, notary public, commissioner for oaths or other officer who has the authority to administer oaths. If you make a false statement in an affidavit, it is considered perjury and carries the same penalty as lying on a witness stand in court.

What is a statutory declaration?

A statutory declaration is much like an affidavit, but it is affirmed rather than sworn by the person making it (the declarant), and it must be witnessed by a justice of the peace, a commissioner, a notary public, or a lawyer.

What is an acknowledgement?

An acknowledgement is a formal declaration before an authorized person (such as a notary public) that the document it is attached to is being signed as a free act and deed of the person signing it.

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Affidavit for Application to Register Will (India)

If you are the executor of a Will, you must provide this sworn Affidavit if you plan to apply to register the Will in India after the death of the testator.

  • An application of this type would be made to the Sub-Registrar if the testator died suddenly within a reasonably short period of time after making his/her Will.
  • The executor swears to the fact that there was no time to register the will while the testator was still alive.
  • This is a fully editable form .....

Affidavit Form 49 (Alberta)

Use this free Form 49 Affidavit to prepare an affidavit for a legal action in Alberta Court of Queen's Bench.

  • All Court of Queen's Bench affidavits are now created using this same basic form, under Rule 13.19 of the revised Rules of Court.
  • Updated to November 2010.
  • The Form 49 Affidavit is a free template form issued by Alberta Courts in Microsoft Word format.

Affidavit of Attestation by Marksman (Canada)

Prepare an Affidavit of Attestation for someone who is unable to read or write with this easy-to-use form for Canadian legal documents.

  • An Affidavit of Attestation is sworn by someone who witnessed the execution of a document.

  • This form is called an Affidavit of Marksman because the witness makes a "mark" instead of signing. It is to be used in cases where the witness is unable to read or write and therefore cannot make a signat.....


Affidavit of Corporate Signing Authority (Canada)

Use this free template to prepare an Affidavit of Corporate Signing Authority for Canadian corporations.

  • This form of affidavit would be sworn by a duly authorized signing officer of a corporation.
  • The officer attests that he ⁄ she has been authorized to sign on behalf of the corporation without using a corporate seal.
  • This affidavit is only for documents signed in Canada.

Every Canadian company should have an Affidavit of Co.....


Affidavit of Delivery by Private Service (USA)

Have you served documents on someone in the United States by courier delivery or process server? Record the details of the service with this Affidavit of Delivery by Private Service.

  • The person making the Affidavit swears that the documents listed in the Affidavit were served in the manner indicated (i.e. either by personal delivery or by private courier delivery service) to the addressee, on the date set out in the form.
  • An Affidavit of Service must be made and rec.....

Affidavit of Due Execution of Will (South Australia)

If you have witnessed the signing of a Will, you must sign this Affidavit of Due Execution of Will (for SA only).

  • The Affidavit contains clauses for different circumstances and instructions on how the Affidavit must be completed.
  • This is a free legal form. Download it, fill it in and print it.

South Australia Affidavit of Due Execution form as required by the Supreme Court Testamentary Causes Jurisdiction.


Affidavit of Execution Form (Canada)

Use this free downloadable form to prepare an Affidavit of Execution for legal documents in Canada.

  • An Affidavit of Execution is also called an Affidavit of Witness or Affidavit of Attestation.
  • The affidavit must be sworn by a person who witnessed a legal document being signed.
  • It must be given in front of an officer of the Court, such as a Commissioner for Oaths or a Notary Public.
  • This form can be used in any province or territory of Canada by .....

Affidavit of Mailing (USA)

Have you served documents on someone through the US mail? Use this free form to prepare an Affidavit of Mailing, to record the details of the service.

An Affidavit of Service is required in circumstances where service of documents is required by law, such as:

  • legal actions,
  • evictions,
  • repossessions,
  • divorces,
  • foreclosures,
  • lien claims.

An affidavit of service should be sworn by the person who mailed the.....


Affidavit of Personal Service (New Zealand)

Prepare an Affidavit of Personal Service with this free form for service of legal documents within New Zealand.

  • If you have served legal documents on another party in a court action or other proceeding, you must swear or affirm an Affidavit as evidence that the documents have been served.
  • The Affidavit is then filed with the court or appropriate public record.
  • This form of Affidavit is used when the documents have been delivered personally to the receiving.....

Affidavit of Power of Attorney (UK)

When signing documents on behalf of someone under a power of attorney in the UK, you may need to provide an affidavit proving your authority.

  • Download this free Affidavit form and swear it in front of a solicitor or commissioner of oaths.
  • The Affidavit is sometimes required by banks, realtors, insurance companies, and the like when an attorney executes a document in their capacity as attorney for another person.
  • You will need to attach a copy of the P.....