Prepare the paperwork for a mortgage loan on a Missouri property with these easy-to-use downloadable Mortgage Forms.

  • The Missouri Division of Finance oversees the mortgage industry and enforces the laws that govern residential mortgage brokers and originators, including licensing and investigating complaints.
  • Unless you qualify for an exemption, you must have a license in order to broker, lend, service, or purchase residential mortgages, or to take applications. Originators who are employed by depository institutions are exempt from the licensing requirement.
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Missouri Contract for Deed

In Missouri, a Contract for Deed (also called a land contract or an installment purchase agreement) is used to sell real estate in circumstances where conventional mortgage financing may not be available to the buyer.

  • The seller basically takes over the role of the mortgage lender. The buyer pays the purchase price in installment payments until the principal and interest is paid in full.
  • Title to the property remains in the seller's name until the full amount has been.....