Sell, rent and lease equipment in Canada with these affordable easy-to-use forms.

  • Some agreements are province-specific to comply with applicable provincial tax legislation.
  • Buy, download, customize to fit your unique business purposes.
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Canada Authorized Software Reseller Agreement

Software publishers in Canada can create contracts for their distributors with this Non-Exclusive Authorized Software Reseller Agreement template.

  • The reseller agrees to obtain the software products directly from the publisher.
  • The reseller is responsible for complying with applicable foreign laws.
  • The publisher provides a limited warranty and has limited liability.
  • The publisher indemnifies the reseller against infringement claims by third par.....

Canada Computer Hardware Lease with Software License

Lease computer equipment and software to customers in Canada under the terms of this Computer Hardware Lease Agreement and Software Licence.

  • The dealer will provide maintenance and repairs to the leased computer equipment.
  • The dealer retains title to the hardware until payment is paid in full.
  • The dealer is obligated to defend all infringement claims by third parties.
  • Provisions for delivery, installation and removal of the computer equipmen.....

Canada Computer Hardware Maintenance Agreement

Do you provide computer maintenance and support services to customers in Canada? Do you have a comprehensive customer contract? If you said no, you need this Hardware Maintenance and Support Agreement.

  • This is a monthly contract. Monthly charges are subject to increase after the first year of the contract.
  • The customer is responsible for paying all provincial and federal taxes payable on the services.
  • If repairs are performed on the customer's site, the cust.....

Canada Computer Hardware Sale Agreement

Computer dealers, write up a customer contract with this comprehensive Computer Hardware Sale Agreement for Canada.

  • The dealer agrees to provide maintenance under a separate contract, at the option of the customer.
  • Delivery of the computer hardware is f.o.b. point of shipment.
  • The customer pays for transportation and cartage.
  • The dealer retains title to the hardware until the purchase price is paid in full.
  • The Agreement is govern.....

Canada Equipment Maintenance Agreement

Do you operate an equipment sales business in Canada? Use this template Equipment Maintenance Agreement to prepare maintenance contracts for equipment purchased by your customers.
  • Service calls will only be conducted during the service provider's normal business hours.
  • The equipment must be used within specified parameters in order to be eligible for service.
  • The agreement will automatically renew unless it is cancelled by either party.
This <.....

Canada Net Equipment Lease Agreement

Prepare a Net Equipment Lease Agreement for Canada with this ready-made template.

  • The customer (lessee) is to maintain all warranties, guarantees and insurance on the rental items.
  • Ownership of the equipment remains with the supplier (lessor) until the end of the lease.
  • The lessee indemnifies the lessor against any loss or damage. The indemnity will survive termination of the lease.
  • There will be no abatement of rent during any down-time of the eq.....

Canada Small Equipment Rental Agreement

This Small Equipment Rental Agreement for Canada can be used to rent a variety of equipment, appliances and furniture by the day, week or month. Provisions include:

  • the proper and allowed methods of use;
  • no warranties given by the supplier;
  • security deposit and late charges;
  • pick-up and return of rental items;
  • reservations and cancellations;
  • loss or damage;
  • the customer is responsible for any additional insurance.....

Canada Software & Services Acquisition Agreement

Purchase software and related services with this Computer Software and Services Acquisition Agreement for Canadian businesses.

  • The supplier will provide computer systems, support and training services, custom software development and consulting services.
  • The supplier requires a security for performance (letter of credit) from the customer.
  • The supplier will license or sub-license all software to the customer.
  • The supplier is responsible for deliv.....

Canada Software Maintenance Agreement

Don't provide software maintenance to customers without a written contract, like this template Software Maintenance Agreement for Canadian suppliers.

  • The dealer will provide standard maintenance, custom enhancement, on-site support and training services for the software.
  • The dealer's standard maintenance package includes correction of substantial defects, periodic updates, and phone support.
  • Ownership of the software remains with the dealer, including all e.....

Canada Software Support Agreement

Write up your customer contracts quickly and easily with this template Software Support and Service Agreement for Canadian software vendors.

  • The vendor will supply ongoing support services and onsite assistance for the software applications installed on the computer equipment specified in the Agreement.
  • The vendor will supply software updates as they become available.
  • The customer must notify the vendor promptly about any defects in the software.
  • .....