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    Letter of Intent to Purchase Business Assets | Canada


    Negotiate the purchase of a Canadian business with this Letter of Intent to Purchase Assets of Business template for Canada.

    • A letter of intent is not a legal contract, except for certain provisions such as confidentiality clauses which prohibit either party from disclosing any confidential information belonging to the othe rparty.
    • The buyer is offering to purchase all of the assets and goodwill of the business from the seller.
    • If the parties fail to execute a formal Purchase & Sale Agreement within a specified number of days, the letter of intent will expire.
    • If the seller fails to go through with the transaction for no reason, the seller agrees to pay the buyer's costs and a specified amount as liquidated damages.
    • This template LOI can be used in any Canadian province or territory.
    • A signed letter of intent signals to other interested parties that you're already in negotiations to buy the business. Download the template and get it in writing now.
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    Last Updated: 21-April-2021
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