Incorporate your company and prepare your corporate Minute Book with these easy to use forms for Canadian companies.

  • Prepare incorporation forms and related documents.
  • Download template resolutions, minutes, bylaws, and other records that must be kept in the corporate minute book under federal or provincial laws and regulations.
  • Appoint directors and officers, give notice of meetings, and conduct the corporation's affairs.
  • Provincial and federal forms available.
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Alberta Consent of Non-Voting Shareholder to Waive Audit Requirement

Prepare a Consent of Non-Voting Shareholder for an Alberta corporation with this free template form.

This form is to be used at the annual shareholder meeting. All of the shareholders, including those without voting privileges, must waive the appointment of an auditor under the provisions of the Alberta Business Corporations Act.

Click the DOWNLOAD button to download a copy of the form, or copy and paste the text below.


Alberta Consent to Act as Director or Officer

Prepare a Consent to Act as Director or Officer with this template form for Alberta corporations.

  • Each person being elected as a director or appointed as an officer must provide the corporation with a signed Consent to Act before taking up their duties.
  • This template can be re-used as often as required.

Download the free Alberta Consent to Act as Director or Officer form by clicking the 'Download' button. Or just copy and paste the form below.


Alberta General By-law of Business Corporation

Every new business corporation incorporated in Alberta must adopt this general by-law (By-law No. 1) to set out how the company's affairs will be conducted.

  • The corporate by-laws form part of the company's governing documents, together with the Articles of Incorporation. The provisions of the by-laws comply with the Alberta Business Corporations Act.

  • The bylaws govern such things as the holding and conduct of shareholder and director meetings, the co.....


Alberta Share Classes (A and B Common, C and D Preferred)

Incorporate an Alberta corporation with common and preferred share classes by attaching this Schedule to the Articles of Incorporation. The Schedule provides for:

  1. Class A common voting shares;
  2. Class B common non-voting shares;
  3. dividends on common shares to be declared contemporaneously;
  4. Class C preferred non-voting dividend bearing redeemable shares with rights on dissolution in priority to other classes;
  5. Class D preferred non-voting.....

Alberta Share Classes (A, B and C Common, D and E Preferred)

Establish the rights and privileges for common and preferred share classes of an Alberta corporation with this ready-made Schedule to the Articles of Incorporation.

This Schedule is for the following classes of shares:
  1. Class A and B common voting shares;
  2. Class C non-voting dividend bearing shares;
  3. Preferred D and E non-voting redeemable retractable dividend bearing shares with rights on dissolution in priority to all other share classes.



Canada Agenda for Annual Shareholders Meeting

Conduct an annual shareholders meeting for a Canadian business corporation with this agenda and procedural guide which covers:

  • the items of business to properly come before the meeting (such as the election of directors),
  • guidelines as to how the meeting should be conducted, and
  • the procedure for taking a poll if any shareholder requests a poll to be taken.

Get the Canada Agenda and Procedural Guide for your next annual meeting of shareholder.....


Canada Annual Corporate Resolutions

Prepare the Annual Resolutions of the shareholders and directors of a Canadian business corporation with this package of forms.

In small privately held corporations, it is common to pass Resolutions instead of holding a formal annual meeting, to deal with all the business that must be covered in the corporation's annual meeting.

This package is a convenient time-saver for corporate lawyers and paralegals. It contains the following template forms:
  1. Resolution of t.....

Canada Bylaws of Business Corporation

A corporation's bylaws set out how the business of the corporation will be conducted. This template is By-law Number One for a Canadian corporation which covers such topics as:

  • how shareholder meetings are to be called and held, and the procedure for voting,
  • procedures for calling, holding and voting at meetings of the board of directors,
  • how officers will be appointed and what the duties of each officer are,
  • indemnity of directors and officers b.....

Canada Certificate of Incumbency

Prepare a Certificate of Incumbency for a Canadian corporation with this free template.

The Certificate must be prepared by an officer of the corporation, and gives information about the current shareholders, directors and officers of the corporation.

This free Canada Certificate of Incumbency form is a downloadable MS Word document.

Canada Certificate of Representations and Warranties

Banks and lenders in Canada usually require corporate borrowers to provide a Certificate of Representations and Warranties. Prepare yours with this digital template. You can download the file or copy and paste the text below.


I, ______________________ of the City of ________________, in ________________________________, do hereby certify that:

1. I am the President of _____.....