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    Letter of Intent for Research and Development


    Write a Letter of Intent for research funding, development and commercialization of products with this easy-to-use template.

    • The Letter of Intent is a good faith negotiation tool to finalize an R&D agreement between a research institution and a company seeking to fund a particular field of research.
    • Each party agrees to keep all of the other party's information confidential.
    • The company will fund the research in exchange for the opportunity to develop and produce marketable products.
    • The company will also acquire rights to the underlying intellectual property and patents.
    • The Letter of Intent is an agreement in principle, not a legal contract, and is not legally binding except as it relates to the negotiations.

    Get the ball rolling by putting this Letter of Intent in place. You can download the digital template immediately after purchasing it.

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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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    Exclusive Patent License for Manufacturing


    Give a manufacturer the right to use your patented invention or process to manufacture and distribute other products through this Exclusive Patent License Agreement.

    • The manufacturer is granted an exclusive worldwide license to use the inventor's patent for the purpose of manufacturing, distributing and selling products.
    • The manufacturer also has the right to use certain trade marks belonging to the inventor in connection with the products.
    • The manufacturer will pay a royalty for each product sold within the territory. Royalties will be calculated as a percentage of net price.
    • The manufacturer must aggressively market, promote and distribute the products.
    • All costs of manufacturing, selling and distributing within the territory will be borne by the manufacturer.
    • Pricing of products must be consistent with the pricing of other similar products.
    • The agreement also contains confidentiality provisions to protect against disclosure of any proprietary information.
    • The template sets out the procedure to be followed in the event of infringement claims.

    Download the Exclusive Patent License for Manufacturing and put your patents to work.