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    India Agreement for Sale of Property


    Buy and sell real estate properties in India with this Agreement for Sale of Property.

    • Mortgage. If the purchase money is being obtained through a mortgage, the purchaser will execute a mortgage in favour of the vendor for the outstanding balance.
    • Default by Purchaser. If the purchaser defaults in payment, the vendor has the right to re-sell the property and recover any deficiency from the purchaser.
    • Default by Vendor. If the vendor defaults in performing his obligations, the purchaser is entitled to specific performance and has the right to claim costs, expenses and losses from the vendor.
    • Fees and Costs. Stamp duty, registration costs and expenses will be paid by the purchaser.
    • Dispute Resolution. The parties agree to mediate any disputes before resorting to arbitration or litigation.
    This India Agreement for Sale of Property is available as a fully editable Microsoft Word document.
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    Last Updated: 14-April-2016
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