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    Alberta Confidentiality and Exclusion Agreement for Sale of Oil and Gas Assets


    Protect confidential information during a sale of oil & gas assets with this Confidentiality and Exclusion Agreement for Alberta.

    • Scope of  Agreement. The intent of the agreement is to protect the seller's technical information and data about the assets which are being disclosed to a party interested in purchasing the properties, as part of their due diligence review.
    • Confidentiality. The interested party agrees to keep all such information strictly confidential and not disclose any part of it.
    • Exclusion. The agreement excludes any interest in petroleum and natural gas rights for lands falling within a specified exclusion area.
    • Governing Laws. This legal document is intended for use in the Province of Alberta, Canada.
    • How to Get the Form. You can download the document template immediately after purchase, and modify it as required to fit your unique needs and circumstances.
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    Last Updated: 15-July-2021
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