Aircraft Rental Agreement


Rent a small plane to licensed pilots and students with this Aircraft Rental Agreement.

  • The Agreement is ideal for a flight school or aviation club to use for its members and students.
  • It can also be used by the owner of an aircraft to rent his/her plane to other pilots.
  • The Rental Agreement includes provisions for both wet rates (fuel included) and dry rates (fuel not included).
  • The renting pilot must file a flight plan and notify the club of any deviations.
  • The renting pilot must pay for all costs of landing at another airport due to emergency or weather.
  • The pilot's license must be current for the aircraft being rented.
  • The pilot must comply with all federal aviation regulations.
  • The pilot is liable for all damages which occur while the aircraft is in the pilot's possession.
  • The Agreement also includes an insurance statement which allows the renter pilot to either prepay the hull damage deductible or accept responsibility for the deductible in the event of a damage claim.

The Aircraft Rental Agreement template is a generic legal document that does not reference the legislation of any specific country.

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