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    Alberta Certificate of Limited Partnership


    Prepare a Certificate of Limited Partnership with this easy-to-use template form for Alberta partnerships.

    This form must be prepared by the General Partner, setting out the organizational details of the Limited Partnership, such as:

    • the purpose for the partnership,
    • the names and address of the general and limited partners,
    • the contributions of the original partners,
    • the share of profits to which each partner is entitled,
    • restrictions on assignment or transfer of partnership interests.

    The Alberta Certificate of Limited Partnership form is available as a downloadable MS Word file.

    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 13-May-2021
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    Alberta Limited Partnership Agreement for Buying & Selling Commodities Contracts


    Set up an Alberta partnership for buying and selling commodities contracts with this Limited Partnership Agreement template.

    • The partnership is being formed for the sole purpose of buying and selling commodities contracts.
    • If the capital account drops below 50% of the aggregate capital contributions of the limited partners, the business will end immediately and the partnership will sell all of its commodities contracts.
    • The limited partners do not have the authority to manage the partnership, or to execute contracts on its behalf or bind it in any way.
    • Each limited partner grants the general partner a power of attorney to execute and register documents on their behalf with respect to establishing and eventually dissolving the partnership.
    • If any partner defaults in payment of any amount which he has agreed to pay, the general partner may sell the defaulting partner's units to raise funds to remedy the default.

    This Limited Partnership Agreement template is governed by the laws of the Province of Alberta. Get your copy by adding it to your cart and going through our secure checkout.