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    Alberta Guarantee and Postponement of Claim


    Obtain a personal guarantee for repayment of the debts of a corporate borrower with this Guarantee and Postponement of Claim.

    • This form is for the Province of Alberta.
    • The Guarantee is given by a principal of the corporation (such as a director, shareholder, sole proprietor), to guarantee repayment of the borrower's indebtedness to a lender if the borrower defaults in paying back the debt.
    • The guarantor also agrees that any debts owed by the borrower to the guarantor will be postponed to the debts owed to the lender, and the lender's claims would take priority.

    A Guarantee and Postponement of Claim secures repayment of your debt. If you lend money or extend credit to customers in Alberta, you should have this form.

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