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    Alberta Quit Claim Agreement for Oil and Gas Rights


    Give up (quitclaim) your rights to oil and gas assets in Alberta with this downloadable Quit Claim Agreement.

    • The grantor (person giving up the rights) agrees to transfer to the grantee (transferee) its entire interest in the assets, which include petroleum and natural gas rights, equipment and miscellaneous interests.
    • The grantor makes no representations or warranties regarding title to the assets.
    • The grantor does not guarantee that the grantee will receive any better interest in the assets than the grantor now has.
    • The grantor has not received any notice of default regarding the assets.
    • The grantee acknowledges that it is receiving the assets on an 'as is' basis.
    • The grantee indemnifies the grantor against all claims, actions, losses and damages.
    • This legal document is intended to be used within the Province of Alberta, Canada.
    • The Quit Claim Agreement is downloadable and can be modified to fit your unique needs.
    Download Type: Microsoft Word
    Last Updated: 10-February-2018
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