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    Alberta Separation Agreement


    Have you and your spouse decided to separate? If you live in Alberta, you can put the terms of the separation in writing with this Separation and Matrimonial Property Agreement.

    • The Separation Agreement assumes that the parties own the matrimonial home (principal residence) as joint tenants.
    • The parties agree to transfer title to the property into one name alone.
    • The transferee of the title will buy out the share of the other party.
    • Each party releases the other from any support or alimony claims.
    • Neither party is entitled to pension benefits or RRSP of the other party.
    • The Separation Agreement also provides for joint custody of minor children.
    • This legal template is for married couples and cannot be used by cohabiting (common law) couples.

    Get this Separation and Matrimonial Property Agreement for Alberta residents to help smooth out the separation process.

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    Last Updated: 15-January-2021
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