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    Alberta Syndicated Mortgage and Indenture


    Raise funds for a land development in Alberta by selling fractional mortgage interests to investors with this Syndicated Mortgage and Indenture template.

    • Undivided Interest. Investors will be issued a promissory note and mortgage certificate by the mortgagor and will be owners of an undivided interest in the mortgage.
    • Security. Each Note Certificate issued ⁄ negotiated and certified shall be equally and ratably secured by the mortgage.
    • Payments. If a Note Certificate is registered in more than one name, any payments of principal and interest under the note will be paid by cheque payable to the order of all the holders named on the certificate, unless written instructions to the contrary are provided to the mortgagor.
    • Prepayment Rights. The mortgagor has the right to prepay any of the Note Certificates without penalty, upon payment of all interest accrued and unpaid as at the date of such payment.

    Download the Alberta Syndicated Mortgage and Indenture template and customize it to fit your investment offer.

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    Last Updated: 10-May-2021
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